I have no special gift for being able to forgive people. It usually takes me a long time, and I often don’t even realize I’ve been holding a grudge until I’ve been carrying it far too long.
One day, I felt like something had to change. I didn’t know what, or why, just something.

I navigated to peacewithgod.net and there requested an online prayer partner. For what turned into 3 straight hours of conversation, this blessed stranger talked me, free of charge, through just about everything that had ever happened to me, culminating in a charge to actually forgive. Truly, deeply, meaningfully, forgive those in my life. Take a notebook, write down all the hurts, go through each, forgive. That, he said, was what was missing.

So I took the charge, and really set time aside to forgive people I remembered. And it was so hard to start, I thought I’d never find the strength to do it. But my God did I feel good afterwards! At the very beginning. I cried and cried, but maybe an hour later, I was the happiest I’d felt in years. Just like a cartoon, it felt like all the little birds in the trees were singing, the grass was swaying — just pure levels of happiness like nothing else this world can give.

As I went through this process, God sent an image to my mind. How lovely it was, and how much it warmed my heart and set everything to healing! I saw Jesus standing with a person that had hurt me a great deal in my past. He was slow-dancing with her, arm around her waist, talking and laughing with her, touching her face. Very intimate moments. And He was soin love. I just stood there, watching how much joy it gave Him to be with this person, as if He had lost her for a very long time and finally had her back in His arms again.

I could not help but feel so happy for Him. It didn’t matter what she had done to me, it mattered that Jesus was with her now, and that He loved her, and His eyes were shining when He looked into hers. The joy welled up in my heart to see my savior so happy. Jealousy tried to tug at my heart, but I knew too well that no level of affection for one person can diminish the intensity of God’s love for any other. I would have the next dance for sure, and in a way, already had this one, too. Anger tried to tap at my shoulder but I just could not stop thinking, “I cannot hatesomething that makes Jesus this happy. If I really love someone, I’m going to try hard to appreciate the people they adore.”

I couldn’t help but feel like I saw something profoundly wrong being made right that day, and with it, a hope that all those prayers for forgiveness for my enemies really will be answered, and God will be able to have those people, cleaned and made good from their sins, just as He is able to have me, also cleaned and made good from all my many sins.

God bless, and have a good weekend.

Your Servant in Christ,

Morgan Grace Hart

Links Today!

I’ve been working my way through an excellent documentary about the phenomenon of non-Christians seeking God and being surprised by having visions of Jesus. This isn’t exclusive to Islam by any means, but this particular one focuses on the testimony of 5 people from the Middle East who were Muslims when they had a surprise visit from a decidedly Christian deity.



Be Kind.

good morning, internet world!

I want to ask something of you today. I want to ask of you the difficult but important task of refraining from judging others.

In a world of instant information, it is so easy to learn of the actions of others. We hear of how one parent responded when their child asked for gender reassignment surgery. We hear of how one parent failed to notice a dangerous  situation and had their child devoured before their very eyes by an alligator. We hear which strategies a parent uses to raise their child with autism. We hear other people’s religious views, their politics, what they eat, who their friends are. There has never been a time in history where there was so much to critique in the lives of other people. And, as author Brian K. Vaughan said in Saga, “[sic] you can’t see their face to know when you’ve gone too far.”

In this world, where people’s hearts can be torn open, in an instant, by people on the other end of the world:


be kind. It is utterly imperative. In our increasingly rare face-to-face encounters, we must always keep it at the forefronts of our minds to be kind to one another. If you think something positive about another human being, don’t assume they just know. Tell them. Tell them why you love them, tell them what makes them valuable as a human being.

In Christ’s Love,

Morgan Grace Hart

(Photo credits and to purchase:  https://laspilla.com/product/be-kind-do-good/)